Join Gelatoverse, follow and interact with the evolution of the Gelatos, from cavemen to interstellar time travellers. Endless adventures and great rewards await those who are willing to go on our missions and fight for a glorious Gelatoverse!


Create the conceptual designs, work out our Storyline, gathering Ideas and form a team!

Foundation of Combo Labs LLC. located in Baar, Switzerland

Gelato Design Process Completed - Generating our 9941 piece Collection

Building our awesome interactive 3D Website!

Writing down the Adventures we are all going to experience together in the Gelatoverse!

Setting up our smart contracts for minting and staking.

Meet the Gelato Team


Smart Contract Developer

Please sign this transaction!

My Portfolio


Animation & 3D Design

Makes things move - it's magic!



Old school crypto dude diving deep.

Blue Moon

Creative developer

Pro in everything she does, snorkeling and beers!


Community Manager

NFT enthusiast, surfing high!


Art & 3D Design

Art critic on his way to the next dimension.

Red Pepper

Design & Translation

Should sail a container ship but he’s still here.

Frequently Asked Questions

An NFT (non-fungible token) is a piece of art that lives on the blockchain. Owning an NFT is just like owning a painting, but instead of owning it physically, you own it virtually, on the blockchain. The Gelatoverse is a collection of 947 one of a kind NFTs that will live on the Ethereum blockchain.

You will be able to mint one Gelato directly on our website on the launch date. To be eligible for a mint you need to be on our whitelist. If this is your first experience buying an NFT please follow this guide step by step!

Gelatos will be free to mint so for you it's just gas fees!

Each whitelisted wallet can mint one Gelato.

Only the Gelatos who weren't minted during the whitelist mint will be launched at the public mint! We don't expect there to be many so better get whitelisted! Post funny memes, help other users, retweet us and share our Instagram posts! Make sure you make it to the whitelist before all the spots are full.

We're happy that you want to join our whitelist. To join you must follow us on Twitter and participate in the games and giveaways! Good look fellow Gelato!

Once you have minted a Gelato, you will be able to see it in your wallet, by connecting to Opensea or directly on our Missions page.

YES! You will own all properties associated with your Gelato, which means you can use it to create and sell merch.

In our exciting mission you can stake your gelato and follow it on different adventures. During the mission you can earn up to 5 Beach Coin per day and each time you participate in one of the missions you’ll get the chance that your Gelato will appear in one of our animated short clips. As a bonus you get the chance to win a mission specific 1/1 Gelato with unique traits!